Loved Again - 
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7 days to become Loved Again

This course allows you to understand what Self-Love means for you in your life:

How many times have you read or been told that to change your outside circumstances your first have to make the shifts internally.  I heard it for years, I would nod along agreeing that it sounded just about right – in reality though I had no idea what it meant to me.

I took care of my appearance, I enjoyed having my nails done, never felt guilty about going to the gym.  I even had the occasional girly weekend away – but I still was unhappy in my skin and more importantly in my relationship – so that wasn’t what I was lacking.

When the penny finally dropped I was astounded, it is all personal -  what is pushing the boundaries for one is a normal day for someone else so it was important for me to understand what it meant for ME.

If you are here it is because you have been there too. You want to know what will work for you, how you are going to set up some practices which will make the difference in your relationships.

- It leads you through seven steps using your own relationship as a guide.

- Creates an understanding as to what it means for you personally.

- Teaches you to create A Plan of Action

- Leads to build in accountability.

- Gets you off the starting blocks to shift the dynamic in your relationship.

People forget that real relationships breed disagreements and tough times and it is how you stand as a couple that makes the difference between happy loving partners and disappointment.

Even fairy-tale show the Prince Charming and his lovely princess fighting with each other, then why on earth would we believe that a successful relationship does not include an element of disagreement.

Communication breakdowns often come from fear of disagreeing, especially when you are highly sensitive.

For this reason, I created my online Stepping into Love course, which is aimed at moving away from Fear and into Love and the best part – it uses your current situation* to get a clear view of what is stopping you from communicating with your partner.

*Currently single, then let's go back and look at the last significant relationship, that way we ensure you are not going to encounter the same problems in your next relationship.

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