Powerful, Positive & Purposeful You!

6 month 1:1 Coaching Program

True transformation from the inside out. Reawaken to yourself.

Do you look in the mirror and find it hard to recognize the reflection looking back at you?

Not sure of who you are anymore. Wanting to rip your hair out because there’s no end in sight.

Living-out the same scenarios, like a hellish groundhogs day.

WHAT WILL IT TAKE for life to feel sweet again?

I remember having the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same numbing pain.

Imagine looking in that same mirror and seeing a confident and peace-filled YOU beaming back instead!

This is not a dreamthis is your future if you are willing to do the work.

My 6 month program will lead you by the hand, from regret and resentment to revolutionary self-love and reactivation of all your major relationships.

Our truest self is always reflected outwards and we normally see it mirrored in those closest to us, family, partner and close friends.

What happens when you don’t like what you see?  You start to try to change it, you judge it, you throw all your efforts at trying to eradicate this particular behaviour;  and if that fails you begin to withdraw, first verbally, then emotionally and one day you look across the breakfast table and you are looking at a stranger.

Most people’s reaction at this point is to start mulling over separation and divorce and yeah I get that!  I know there is nowhere lonelier than a marriage where the connection has gone, often this is where one partner may seek solace elsewhere. Again you may think it is reason enough for Divorce, but what if there was a different ending to your story.

For me, this is the most exciting part of your life.  You can no longer stay small, the misery of handing control over is coming to an end.

  • You are about to step up and redefine what you want your life to offer you.
  • You are going to decide how this marriage works.
  • You can make the choice on how you will be treated.
  • You are going to look in the mirror and say “I love you and I accept you exactly as you are”  and you will mean it.
  • Other people’s opinions will no longer influence you because you will trust your own opinion 100%.
  • Your relationship will improve and deepen because you will be willing to share from your heart.
  • People will trust and respect you – because you will trust and respect yourself.

Don’t take my word for it, this is Anna who approached me after she discovered her husband's affair.

She had just given birth when she discovered her husband had been unfaithful. Devastated, hurt, terrified about her future and terribly lonely and ashamed she withdrew from her husband.

She created an invisible wall between her and her partner and after a time her partner gave up trying to seek her forgiveness, or move the marriage forward. It was stalemate.  Fast forward three years she approached me to answer that all illusive question: Shall I stay or call it quits and go?

After much probing and questioning, she could finally see how, although she absolutely hadn’t been responsible for the adultery she certainly hadn’t given the relationship a chance to recover.  She didn’t know how, why should she, we aren’t taught how to deal with these things?

During the sessions, Alli asked a lot of questions but in a way that led me to think differently about my marriage. It was mainly me who did the talking. There were tears, laughter, lots of thinking coming up with me creating my own solutions.   Alli never gave away how she would deal with certain situation, which I really appreciated.

Over six months we worked on Anna’s relationship with her self. She discovered how her lack of self worth had allowed other people to treat her in disrespectful ways and began to implement techniques to improve her sense of self. She realised that she had never really consciously connected with her own desires and fell into the trap of living mindlessly.

She realised that although the immediate problem had been with her husband, there was evidence in almost every relationship she had.

Many ideas Anna had held from childhood about herself, the world and her place in it helped create this current reality.

She was able to begin to contemplate forgiveness, for she could see that this was a gift to herself.

She began to uncover ways she could begin to re-connect with her husband, all the time giving herself time to get to know, love and accept herself.

Because she finally saw that the most important relationship she could have is the one she is creating with herself.

So how does work?

Powerful, Positive & Purposeful You! Includes:

  • One 2 hour reality and clarity session.
  • One 2 hour vision and dream building session.
  • Eight 1 hour bi-monthly solution based coaching sessions,
  • Unlimited email access to me for the duration of the programme.
  • One emergency 20 minute “let’s get this sorted call”.

Month one: Getting to the truth of your situation.

  • Clarity on how you got to where you are.
  • Uncovering the self limiting beliefs that have influenced your decision making (subconscious beliefs that keep us stuck)!
  • Discovering your unique value system (NOT your parents/ partners/ friends).

Month two: Uncovering and creating a new vision of you.

  • Based on WHO you ARE, not who you think YOU SHOULD BE.
  • Redesigning your relationships (starting with you) and your life.

Month three: Learning how to BE - JUST AS YOU ARE

  • Accepting yourself fully and unconditionally.
  • Learn how to own your emotions and feelings.
  • Creating a plan for living and connecting with your significant other that’s empowering and tailored to your individual needs.

Month four: Code Word Communication

Now its time to stand in your power and put your new found self back in to play and begin communicating from a place of high self awareness.

Words have a lot of power!  You will learn how to bring a spark back into your conversations and

  • To create effective and open communication
  • Build trust and acceptance in your relationship
  • To help your partner to open up
  • Deepen your bond.
  • How to avoid verbal power struggles

Month five: Taking responsibility for your behaviour

We carry learned behaviours with us from childhood, previous relationships and most every important interaction in our lives, until we are ready to look at these patterns and the damage they can cause, we will be unable to change the dynamic of our relationship to a great enough extent to transform the partnership.

Why wait until month 5 to deal with this aspect of our relationship?

Well it is important that we have a good basis of self knowledge and we have made a serious start at treating ourselves with compassion and love or this may turn into an exercise in self flagellation – and that doesn’t serve us, our partner or our relationship.

  • You will examine behaviours, beliefs and patterns and together we will de-construct and replace them with healthy new habits and beliefs.

Month six:  Consolidating the team

This month we create a plan of action in order to keep your relationship, happy, committed and growing. Being a team, sharing, making decisions and of course how to have healthy arguments.

One of the most beautiful results of this program is being able to state your truth, talk from your heart and know that irrespective of whether your partner agrees with you, you and safe, cherished and loved.

Isn’t that what it is all about being unapologetically YOU and being adored as a result.

This program will transform your thinking and beliefs around who you are, and what you can expect from your life.

We look at your current life situation and what you’re facing. Your fears, worries and beliefs. We rewrite the story without those long-held “truths” that have been keeping you stuck.

You will expect more, you will expect the best because you deserve it.

You will learn to push outside your comfort zone and create the blueprint for living your life “on purpose”.

Reigniting your sense of self…. (worth, esteem, care, love and respect). This is where change takes place.

You will:

  • Regain your hope and faith in the universe.
  • Learn techniques to change your thinking and understand your true power.
  • Set boundaries and live freely.
  • Embrace your emotions and feelings and feel empowered to share them.

When you are full of self love, others can’t help but follow suit.

The first step is recognizing that you ​hold the key to your lasting happiness. The second step is reaching out to me and booking your complimentary connection call so that I can show you how to unlock it or email me for more details!

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Powerful, Positive and Purposeful You – €7,500

Imagine having me to guide through this journey over a six month period. You will receive a bi-monthly, hour-long coaching call followed by email access. Together we will rewrite your story using your dreams and your life values.