A four week intensive group Coaching program for women who ready to reignite their love life and create a life they love.

Where you are in life is a sum of every single decision you have ever made! 

Is the truth of this statement keeping you prisoner in a soulless marriage. What happened to your soul-mate, the promise of love, you two against the world

What if I make the wrong decision?

This one question stands between you and the marriage you were once so committed to. You have suffered needlessly for far too long, so now is time to transform breaking point to your breakthrough moment.


Tea or Coffee what is your tipple?

It isn’t difficult is it? You know which you want, you have enough self awareness to answer this question without having to ponder and discuss, ask opinion from others, try to change the coffee into tea or vice versa – it is just simple.

Mine is a coffee incidentally, every single time!

Should I stay or should I go? This is another very simple question that you do know the answer to, though it takes a deeper self knowing than the first question but when you have taken the time to become acquainted with yourself on more that a surface level you WILL know.

You see it isn’t the question which keeps you stuck, it is getting the answer wrong.

What if you stay and nothing changes, you get older, a little more bitter, the kids suffer and eventually he leaves you anyway or maybe he doesn’t and in 40 years time your are on your death bed regretting not having known true love?
You go, you gather all your courage, you fight your way through court for custody of the kids, the family home, you learn to live with less, you spend months if not years trying to create a stable life for you and the kids only to discover that actually married life wasn’t that bad and your marriage was crippled by expectations – 50% of divorcees regret their decision 5 years after the divorce and you don’t want to be that statistic.

What so many people get wrong is they ask themselves the wrong question. It has nothing to do with whether you should stay or you should go and everything to do with becoming 100% sure that whatever your decision it is the right one.

The question you should be asking is How will I 100% know I am making the right decision.

When you know this answer the other part becomes no more than creating a plan of action and putting it in to place. You are no longer driven mad by the what ifs and the maybe’s.
You will know and you will be able to reignite your love life or gracefully and lovingly leave whilst creating a life you love.

When you know the answer to this the guilt you feel towards your partner, your family, the kids and towards yourself becomes loses power, you just know your are 100% making the right decision.

I have seen this dilemma so often in those I work with and speak to that I wanted to help you get clear on this and become ready to create the life you love how ever that will look – so I have created a 4 week program which will lead take you inside and help you get re-acquainted with the real you – the one who knows! The you before you were beaten down society and other people’s beliefs, the you before you began to form your ideas about how your life should look.
The real you knows what she needs to do to live her life happily and contently as easily as she knows whether she prefers tea of coffee.

Week One:

Rewrite your Love Story

Begin by tackling long held beliefs, yours & others which keep you from 100% Knowing

Week Two:

Falling in Love with Yourself (And him?) again.

Accepting, Loving and Caring for you once more.

Week Three:

Talking you way back to Love

This week we examine communication and why we fear being honest about your feelings and how to speak your mind in a way that allows your partner to connect with you rather than become defensive.

Week Four:

Romance and Butterflies

By now you will “Know” and will be ready to create the life you desire and deserve.

Week Five:

Bonus week 

A 60 minute 1 to 1 call with me to answer your questions, ensure you are 100% sure on your decision and clear up any fear.

Do you need to be 100% sure – then this may be the course for you. To be 100% sure book a connection call with me   or sign up here for more details about the launch

Why Group Coaching?

Women very often tell me how lonely it is when the marriage starts to fall apart, how they don’t always want to confide in family or friends for fear of be pushed to make decisions or being judged by those close to them.

A relationship doesn’t breakdown overnight as it may well be several months or even years of deterioration and we may believe that those close to us are bored listening to the same story with no actions and we begin to retreat into ourselves.

It is also hugely exhausting, living long term in a difficult relationship – often we begin to withdraw from social activities because they can become overwhelming – which leads to increased isolation and loneliness.

This program brings together women l in a similar situation, the story varies but the desire to live happily is shared and there is nothing in the world more powerful than when a group of women set out to support each other and learn from each other.

The depth of transformation and the speed at which it can happen when you have this group energy is incredible, furthermore I so firmly believe that connection is the reason we are here and to find a group of like minded women, all seeking happy, healthy and loving relationships with whom you can share from your heart, offer your experience and receive support is incredibly powerful.

Transformation can be so much faster when are we are carried along by the group momentum.

Having a safe place to express yourself and to feel your power is incredible.

And finally the cost is so much more affordable than working one on one with a coach and gives a taste of coaching if you have never done it before.

How it works

* Start date week beginning June 2017.

* Doors Open for Earky Bird 7th June 2017

* It will be a 4 week intensive course

* 4 * 90 minutes coaching sessions via Zoom and recorded to ensure you don’t miss any vital information, held once a week a time suitable for all parties (if you can’t make the live session – you will receive the recording).

* Don’t worry if you can’t make our sessions live – you will receive a recording.  (Questions can be submitted my email prior to call)

* 1* 60 minute 1 to 1 consolidation session with me at the end.

* A secret Facebook Group where we meet, we share and we grow together because there is nothing more powerful than women supporting other women in their journey of growth.

Pre Course Questionnaire to be completed.
Pre and Post Session questionnaires to keep you accountable
Early Bird Cost to you : $199 payable in full.

For more details click here