How Clear Boundaries Are A Win-Win For Everyone

Live Webinar

STOP being a people pleaser and create clear boundaries in your relationships.

PEOPLE PLEASING, it sounds almost pleasant doesn’t it – who wouldn’t want to please people?

But this almost innocuous sounding expression is the biggest and most insidious relationship problem that no-one is talking about.

It has the ability to wreak havoc in any or all of your relationships, it affects your sense of self, your esteem, your self-worth, your view of the world and people around you.

It causes mistrust within yourself and with the world at large. It leaves you feeling apart and often disrespected and overlooked and it affects the quality of your relationships and your success in life, love and work.

But all too often we aren’t aware of its existence let alone the consequences of this deep-rooted behavioural pattern.

During the Webinar, You'll Learn:

- What People Pleasing really means in your life and in your important relationships

- Why we People Please or fall into co-dependency

- The Cost of People pleasing in your life and your relationships

- The first steps to recognising your patterns, thoughts and feelings, beginning to question & re-frame them

- Some techniques to begin implementing clear boundaries that are win-win for everyone

PLUS – if you sign up before 7 pm on March 2nd, 2018, I’m including a super special extra bonus that will help you get access to even more strategies to help you say NO when you mean NO.

Just think how AMAZING it’ll be when:

  • To say NO without falling into guilt or fear of making someone else hurt or angry

  • To ask for what you deserve without worry or negative expectation

  • You have the confidence to set clear boundaries which teach others how to treat you and what to expect

  • To improve the quality of all your relationships, to feel respected and equal.


Date: Monday, March 2, 2018

Time: 7pm CET/ 6pm GMT/ 1pm EST/Noon EST

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If you want something to change, change something!

“I was very happily surprised with the way my life started to change and what impact those changes had on my relationship and even on my husband alone.” - MT

When I got in touch with Alli and briefly described my problem she answered promptly and asked very specific questions made me think about my problems from different perspectives.

I liked her professionalism and straight to the point approach.

We worked alot on me being able to say no to my husband without creating fuss.