Bold, Beautiful & Wonderful You!

3 month 1:1 Coaching Program

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Isn’t it odd that you start this journey alone?

After all, you have identified what you want to change you make you happy – your partner, right?

If only you could make him understand how lonely you are, how you aren’t even sure you love him anymore.  How, if he was just more available for you things would be different.

Let me ask you – have you considered couple counselling?

Why? You believe a third party can succeed at making your spouse understand your needs, where you have failed?

What was his response to your suggestion?  A flat No or a resigned Yes?

Did you even mention it?

Whatever way if he isn’t fully engaged in the process – what is the point?  He isn’t going to be open and welcoming to new ideas, let alone old ideas served by a third party.  He may even view it as yet another manipulation tool, to identify and reflect his inadequacies.

(Of course, at this point I would say if you are both in 100% agreement then go for it – you will both benefit so much)

I know that isn’t what you are trying to achieve, but that is where we arrive when communication has broken down, mistrust, suspicion, guilt and yeah FEAR comes in – for both parties.

Remember no-one nobody is having fun in this relationship at the moment.

So instead of stalemate, my 3 Month Program of intensive coaching will enable you to create a completely different way of communicating.

If you want something to change, change something!

I have worked with so many women in exactly your position and I have taken them for frustrated, resigned and lonely.

  • You will be absolutely clear on what you want from this relationship.
  • You will have a full picture of how your current style of communication maybe adding to the discord and discontent.
  • We will find “your voice” the one that communicates from a place of connection and love rather than mistrust and suspicion.
  • You will watch as you partner evolves with you, opening up and responding to you just like the old days.

I was very happily surprised with the way my life started to change and what impact those changes had on my relationship and even on my husband alone.” - MT

When I got in touch with Alli and briefly described my problem she answered promptly and asked very specific questions made me think about my problems from different perspectives.

I liked her professionalism and straight to the point approach.

By the time my 3 month program was complete friends were telling me how I have grown in self confidence and had transformed into a women who knew her own mind.

My 3 Month Program Includes:

  • Course pre-work.
  • One 2 hour goal setting session.
  • Four solution based coaching sessions (1 hour long each).
  • Unlimited email access during the programme.
  • Three emergency 20 minute “let’s get this sorted” call.
  • Personalised homework between sessions.

What can you expect?

  • Freedom from the bonds of people pleasing.
  • Create a vision of your ideal life.
  • Create the plan on how to live it, today.
  • A fresh perspective on your current relationships that will bring balance and clarity.
  • Accountability on concretemeasurable goals and desired outcomes.
  • clear game plan on how to move forward and keep growing.

You will uncover the stories and beliefs which have overpowered your deepest desires. 

The fears and blocks that have kept you from shining will be unearthed and released.

Learn how to allow others to treat you as you wish to be treated.

You know you’re meant for better things.

Standing in your power unapologetically will transform all of your relationships.

Beautiful, Bold & Wonderful You! Includes:

Month One: Uncovering your Truth

  • Uncovering the self-limiting beliefs that have influenced your decision making (subconscious beliefs that keep us stuck!).
  • Discovering your unique value system (NOT your parents/ partners/ friends).
  • Creating a new vision of you, the real you not the “Should be” you.
  • Redesigning your relationships (starting with you) and your life.

Month Two: Communication and Connection

Words have a lot of power!  You will learn how to bring a spark back into your conversations:

  • Learn how to own your emotions and feelings and express them without fear.
  • Creating a plan for living and connecting with your significant other that’s empowering and tailored to your individual needs.
  • to create effective and open communication.
  • Build trust and acceptance in your relationship.
  • To help your partner to open up and deepen your bond.
  • How to avoid verbal power struggles.

Month Three: Design for Living-out

  • This month we create a plan of action in order to keep your relationship, happy, committed and growing. 
  • Being a team, sharing, making decisions and of course how to have healthy arguments.
  • You will address all those triggers in your marriage that lead to arguments, resentments and unnecessary unease.
  • Learn to ask for help
  • Listen to your partner when he speaks
  • Strategies for dealing with the daily stress of married life, the finances, the chores, the children.
  • The fun stuff, how to make love and romance work for you once again.

This program is for you if you are ready to look at your current life situation and face your fears, worries and beliefs. You are ready to rewrite the story without those long-held “truths” that have been keeping you stuck

You will learn to push outside your comfort zone and create the blueprint for living your life “on purpose”.

Reigniting your sense of self…. (worth, esteem, care, love and respect). This is where change takes place.

The first step is recognizing that you hold the key to your lasting happiness. The second step is reaching out to me and booking your complimentary connection call so that I can show you how to unlock it or email me for more details.

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Bold, Beautiful and Wonderful You – €2,700

So many thoughts and ideas running riot in your head, how will you really know what is right for you, your relationship and your partner? Let me guide through this process

You will receive a bi-monthly, hour-long coaching call followed by email access. Together we will your dreams to life 

You will receive an email shortly to confirm your booking date and time.