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8 Week Group Coaching Program

Are You Ready For Change?

Sick and tired of tramping around on eggshells or being told you are the "real" problem? Censoring your thoughts, denying feelings and monitoring your behaviour in order to maintain some level of peace?

Is there someone in your life who seems to be wilfully misunderstanding your intention and denying your feelings?

Do you find yourself playing over situations and conversations in your head, trying to make sense of them and understand where you went wrong, what you said that caused confusion?

Have you been told that there isn’t a problem, when you feel deeply that there is?

Have you been told that you are the problem?

Emotional abuse is an emotive topic, it is robs you of your self worth, your self belief and riddles you with self doubt not to mention the havoc it causes in your relationships.

In this course we are to take you back to basics, uncover the truth, dig deep into your inherent wisdom and face the situation with honesty.

And guess what – it doesn’t require a conversation with anyone!

Your inherent gift of intuition can be completely buried by your logical mind attempting to make sense of and rationalising what is happening, the internal battle between what you feel and what you are being told.

Years of being told that you are too sensitive or shouldn't feel a certain way, leaves you questioning your inner wisdom and often leads to complete disconnection.

**Learn to identify the truth, with compassion**

Emotional abuse is a cycle and a vicious one which often self perpetuates and mostly we are blind to actions and the damage it may cause.

Honest conversation almost always feels like a lie.

It is insidious, by nature, it causes mistrust, tiptoeing around each other, spending hours to get word perfect, only to have your feelings rebutted, diminished and denied, deepening the sense if disconnection.

So blind we are to these patterns, we often don’t recognise they are at work until communication feels like it has completely and irrevocably broken down and has been replaced by mistrust, disappointment and anger.

When you confront the abuser and they deny, how do you react in the face of such denial? You’re confused, conflicted and often you feel betrayed?

You may fall into self doubt - “Is it me, am I too sensitive,”

Or rage - “This person is lying to my face.”

If you want something to change, change something!

What if they are telling you the truth, their truth. What is they don’t recognise their behaviour as abusive, they have no awareness of the unconscious patterns running their behaviour?

How would you react differently with this knowledge? Kinder? More understanding? More compassionate? Less self doubt, less rage, hurt or anger and more desire to connect, resolve and create deeper understanding?


What They Say About Me

“I was very happily surprised with the way my life started to change and what impact those changes had on my relationship and even on my husband alone.” - MT


I think what benefits me most is her insight into possible solutions, they always focus on my actions and reactions, rather than allowing me to be angry and resentful about the actions of others, over which I have no control......but I do have complete control over how I choose to behave makes me feel empowered.  I'm grateful to Allison for helping me take back control of my life and I highly recommend letting her help you if, like me, you're having trouble seeing things clearly.  AS


When I got in touch with Alli and briefly described my problem she answered promptly and asked very specific questions made me think about my problems from different perspectives.

I liked her professionalism and straight to the point approach. VS



In our 8 weeks together we will uncover the truth about your relationships, the blind spots, the stories the unconscious patterns of thinking that run your life and all your significant relationships to allow emotionally abusive patterns in.

I will share powerful tools with you to identify, accept and grow from your current situation, whilst deepening your connection with your partner (or person of concern)

I will teach you how to shift your communication style from confrontational/passive aggressive to open and connected

I will show you how to build confidence in relationships, though self acknowledgement and nurturing.

I will reveal to you the exact techniques you need to understand where your demeanor is permitting unhealthy communication and behaviour

Here is HOW:

* A safe space for us to share your growth, your aha

   moments and connect and support each other.

* 4 weekly coaching calls (via Zoom).

* 4 x Coffee sessions to regroup, answer questions and share success

* Practices and exercises to bring awareness and aid change.

* Practical tools to step out of the pattern of abuse

* Your desire to heal, grow and support.

* My wealth of knowledge and open, practical approach.

What you will get:

** A clear understanding of emotional abuse and how to break the patterns

** Awareness of your actions and reactions.

** Healthier, more honest relationships.

** Clarity instead of insidious self-doubt.

** Choice, what you don’t know you can’t change when you do you can choose to.

** More profound self-knowledge, one of the foundations of healthy loving relationships.

** Increased self-confidence and self-worth and stronger boundaries.

** Trust in your own intuition and inner wisdom.

** A supportive group of women sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience.

** Me, my knowledge both as an emotional abuser and recipient,

** My tools, exercises ability to create a safe space for your learning.

……. and much much more!

Bonuses - Oh yes there are!!!

** 1 hour Session with A Divorce Lawyer experienced in Emotional Abuse cases - techniques she teaches her clients for healthier communication.

** 1-2-1 60 Mentoring Session With Me

** a beautiful gratitude journal.


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