£315.00 GBP

Smoking Cessation Harmony 360

Ready to Quit once and for all? 



Walk from our session as a non-smoker!

  • More Healthy
  • More Wealthy
  • Younger inside & out

Ready to embrace your healthy new life and armed with the tools to navigate the emotions that may arise as a result of breaking the addiction?

Once you've made a payment you'll receive an email from my scheduler, I will however be in touch before the session to ensure that you are fully prepared and arrive on the day with your non-smoker mindset in place.

Make sure you have 3 (three) hours available, the session takes around 2 hours, but we don't want to rush and you want to be relaxed.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable where you won't be disturbed.

Much Love


In the highly unlikely circumstance, that you do not stop smoking, immediately I offer a follow-up session completely free ...... I know you won't need it though