Identifying & Changing Emotional Abuse Patterns

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(6 days 6 videos)

To Change ALL Your Relationships

One of the most empowering courses I’ve ever created.

Having become increasingly worried about the tendency to keep those suffering in victim mode stuck for much longer than necessary I created this short and empowering training series for my Simply Connected Community.

We look at Emotional Abuse, what it is, what it isn’t and where it shows up in your life.

It offers a brand new perspective which allows you to meet the abuse with compassion, understanding and love, whilst creating the inner strength, love and knowledge required to stop the patterns and create new healthy communication pathways.

We do all this without the need to label the situation and people in it – there are no bad guys, just a lot of insight and aha moments.

How empowering is that?

Why? Until we know better we are in a cycle of behaviour we can’t change, I want to give you the tools to change, now, today without getting caught up in labelling and blaming. That is another mechanism which keeps you stuck in the loop.


What they say about the training

I've been thoroughly impressed so far and definitely have a better depth of understanding.

I want to thank you ....... it has been so valuable

Thank you so much Allison!  Great week!

After watching Allison I had a light bulb moment

6 days / 6 videos

Understanding the truth, identifying the problem, accepting what is and changing those insidious relationship destroying patterns we have identified as Emotional Abuse



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